About the Owner

Jim Hampton, Tatman's Towing CEO

Jim Hampton started working at Tatman’s Towing right out of high school, but his fascination with tow trucks started as a boy—his father owned the first heavy duty tow truck company in Champaign County. Like most young men, Jim loved the big trucks and all of the gadgets, bells and whistles on tow trucks, too.

Jim had the honor of working for Paul Tatman in 1988 for about a year. It was a valuable experience, however he moved on to pursue other opportunities and eventually ended up in Upper Michigan. But in all this time, Jim did not give up his dream of one day driving a tow truck.

Eventually Jim and his family decided to move back to Champaign County, where he felt sure they needed to be. Jim contacted Paul Tatman to find what he thought would be a temporary position while he looked for something permanent. Bill Nelson was the General Manager of Tatman’s Towing at that time.

After Jim spent 4 years in his “temporary position,” Bill purchased the tow shop from Paul Tatman and promoted Jim to General Manager. For the next 7 years, Jim managed the towing company, until in October of 2005, Bill offered Jim the opportunity to purchase the company. Now, years later, it is still going strong.

Tatman’s Towing is a service-oriented business and Jim believes the success of his business is due to providing exceptional service that gives customers a reason to refer Tatman’s Towing to friends and family.

Jim’s basic values are to provide quality of service with integrity and honesty. He believes that success is bred from placing value on his customer’s needs. According to Jim, “It is a great honor to be given a position of trust with our customers and we always appreciate those referrals. You, the customer, are our greatest asset and we value your confidence in Tatman’s Towing with your Vehicle, Motorcycle or ATV.”