New Year’s Eve Free Ride Home

For the past 27 years, Tatman’s Towing has provided free rides on New Year’s Eve. With this service, partygoers who find themselves too impaired to drive can find themselves home safely.

When: This service runs from 7pm New Year’s Eve to 3am New Year’s Day. Tatman’s Towing will take you and your car, SUV or light Pickup truck (up to ¾ ton) home. This service is first-come, first-served. We will not schedule pickups ahead of time, and you must be ready to go when we arrive to pick up the vehicle.

Cost: There is no charge for residents within Champaign, Urbana and Savoy City limits. Outside city limits there is a $4 per mile charge.

Tatman’s Towing does not encourage or condone getting impaired on New Year’s Eve, but we want you and others to be safe on the road. We will take you from your party to a residence or hotel room only. We will not drive you to another party. In order to use this service, the vehicle must start and run on its own power, and our driver must be able to drive it to the back of the truck to be hooked up. You must accompany the vehicle to the tow destination.

This program does not apply to vehicles that are disabled, already towed by law enforcement, or have been involved in a wreck. (This program is to avoid these situations). There will be a $300.00 cleaning charge for anyone getting sick in our trucks.