Friends Fore Life Golf Outing May 29

Almost always, tragedy strikes in an instant. One moment, the day seems like it will bleed into all of the other days, and then the very next moment, you know the days will never be the same again.

This is what happened on May 29, 2013 when Todd Hitt’s grandson, Brody, was diagnosed with Leukemia and admitted to the St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

During Brody’s 34-day stay in the hospital, he received an enormous amount of get well cards from friends and family, but one card was from an organization in Dexter, Missouri that sends money to families in immediate need because their child has an illness or an injury.

In 1999, when a coach at their local high school was diagnosed with cancer, five high school friends banded together by starting a golf outing to raise money to help the coach through his time of need. The golf outing was so successful that the group continued the event year-after-year, raising money to send to families in the Missouri area who have children battling cancer.

On June 3, 2013, the group raised over $1,000,000 total. On June 7, Brody’s family received $1000 in their time of need.

Sitting in the hospital room with his grandson, Hitt decided he wanted to provide some relief to families fighting just like his family was fighting by organizing a similar event in Central Illinois. He texted three high school friends, and asked them to be part of an organization that would raise money to give families that have children under the age of 18 that are battling an illness or injury. His friends instantly said yes.

Brody went through four years of chemotherapy treatments, which Hitt said, “every kid that goes through that is a brutal treatment but they are very resilient.” Brody is now a “big kid and very healthy,” Hitt also said.

With a few in the group responsible for organizing the 12-year annual Eliminator Golf Classic, the group decided to host a golf outing, “Friends Fore Life,” to raise the funds they needed to help others.

“Their life just got turned there are so many people in this area that need help,” Hitt said. “It’s nice that they get $1000 in their pocket to help relieve some of the stress.”

The 2017 Friends Fore Life Golf Outing will be held on May 12 at 1 p.m. at Stone Creek Golf Course. Single golfers can register for $125 and a group of four can golf for $500. The registration includes green fees, cart, a boxed lunch, buffet dinner, drink tickets and raffle tickets.

Other sponsorship opportunities are available. The registration form for this event can be found on Facebook.