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Friends Fore Life Golf Outing May 29

Almost always, tragedy strikes in an instant. One moment, the day seems like it will bleed into all of the other days, and then the very next moment, you know the days will never be the same again.

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Leenerman recalls sinking of USS Indianapolis

For a 17-year old boy, getting ready to graduate high school in Sibley, IL, freedom may be working on his father’s farm or going off to college, but when Pearl Harbor was attacked and boys all over the United States began to get drafted, 17-year old Art Leenerman knew that he, too, would be going to war.

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Lanz Heating and Cooling is a family atmosphere for their employees and customers

When Troy and Kathleen Lanz decided to go out on a limb and begin their own business, Lanz Heating and Cooling, in 2002, they were just looking for an opportunity to do what they love and provide a potential business opportunity for their three sons when they became adults. Now, 15 years later, the Lanz family has turned their heating and cooling business into a family atmosphere for their employees and customers.

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Lifeline Connect

Addiction is not only something that can ruin an individual’s life, but it can also ruin the lives of the individual’s children, spouse, co-worker or neighborhood.

For 10 years, Lifeline Connect in Urbana has worked with six or seven men a year who suffer from substance abuse problems to break the cycle of addiction by giving them a safe and challenging home where they spend 12-months in training and therapy.

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